Remembering The Hilarious Characters Of Chris Kattan On SNL

Chris Kattan is a renowned comic actor known for his memorable characters on Saturday Night Live (SNL). With his unique blend of physical comedy and manic energy, Kattan left a lasting impression on audiences during his time on the show.

Before his stint on SNL, Kattan honed his comedic skills as a member of The Groundlings, a renowned improvisational comedy troupe. This experience allowed him to develop his talent for creating bizarre and hilarious characters. In his pursuit of comedy, Kattan moved to New York City, where he joined the cast of SNL in 1996.

In this article, we will delve into the world of Chris Kattan’s memorable characters on SNL. From his iconic interpretations of celebrity figures like Burt Reynolds and Christopher Walken to his breakout characters like Mango and Mr. Peepers, Kattan brought a unique and unforgettable touch to the show. Join us as we explore the classic sketches and signature characters that solidified Kattan’s place in SNL history.

Exploring the comedic career of Chris Kattan

Chris Kattan is widely recognized for his hilarious characters and comedic genius showcased during his time on Saturday Night Live (SNL). With his unique blend of physical comedy and manic energy, Kattan captivated audiences and left a lasting impression. Prior to his SNL fame, Kattan honed his comedic skills as a member of The Groundlings, where he developed his talent for creating bizarre and memorable characters.

Kattan’s pursuit of comedy led him to join the cast of SNL in 1996, where he quickly became a fan favorite. Throughout his career, Kattan has shared the stage with notable guest hosts such as Eddie Murphy, Charlize Theron, Tracy Morgan, and Seth Meyers, bringing his signature charm and wit to every sketch. From his breakout characters like Mango and Mr. Peepers to his unforgettable portrayals of Hollywood celebrities such as Antonio Banderas and Burt Reynolds, Kattan’s comedic talent continues to be celebrated and cherished by fans.

His memorable Characters on SNL

Chris Kattan’s seven-year stint on Saturday Night Live (SNL) left an indelible mark on comedy. Known for his manic energy and physical comedy, Kattan created a plethora of unforgettable characters during his time on the show. Three of his most iconic roles include Mr. Peepers, Mango, and the Butabi brother, Doug.

Mr. Peepers was a bizarre character who presented as a hyperactive monkey with a penchant for eating apples. Kattan’s physicality brought this character to life, delighting audiences with his wild antics.

Mango, on the other hand, was a flamboyant male stripper who never failed to catch the attention of the crowd. Kattan’s portrayal of Mango showcased his versatility as a comic actor.

As one-half of the Butabi brothers, Doug Butabi, Kattan’s character became synonymous with their catchphrase “What is love?” He collaborated with fellow cast member Will Ferrell to bring their club-hopping, head-bobbing antics to life in the famous “Night at the Roxbury” sketches.

With his ability to embody a range of characters and impressions, Chris Kattan became a fan favorite during his time on SNL. His performances alongside guest hosts such as Eddie Murphy, Tracy Morgan, and Charlize Theron only added to the hilarity and success of his sketches. Long after his departure from the show, Kattan’s signature characters and classic sketches continue to be remembered and cherished by audiences.

Chris Kattan’s Early Career

Chris Kattan’s early career in comedy paved the way for his unforgettable years on “Saturday Night Live” (SNL). Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kattan dove into the world of entertainment, starting with his comedy roots at the prestigious improv troupe, The Groundlings. It was there that he honed his skills in sketch comedy and developed the unique characters that would make him a household name. Kattan’s talent and dedication led him to be noticed by the SNL producers, and he joined the cast in 1996. This was the beginning of Kattan’s journey to becoming one of the most memorable cast members in SNL history. His early career not only showcased his undeniable comedic talents, but also set the stage for the hilarious characters and sketches that would follow.

How He got His start in Acting and Comedy

Chris Kattan got his start in acting and comedy at a young age. Born into a family of entertainers, including his father Kip King, and his mother Hajnalka E. Biro, Kattan was exposed to the world of show business from an early age.

Kattan began his career in comedy by performing improv at The Groundlings Theatre in Los Angeles. This experience helped him hone his comedic skills and develop his unique style.

His big break came when he was cast as a featured player on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 1996. Kattan quickly became known for his physical comedy and ability to transform into a wide range of hilarious characters.

During his time on SNL, Kattan portrayed memorable characters such as Mango, Mr. Peepers, and Doug Butabi of “The Roxbury Guys.” His comedic timing and manic energy made him a fan favorite and helped solidify his place as one of the show’s standout cast members.

Since his time on SNL, Kattan has continued to find success in both film and television, further showcasing his comedic talents. Whether it’s through his appearances on talk shows, in comedy sketches, or in films like A Night at the Roxbury and Corky Romano, Chris Kattan’s contributions to comedy continue to be remembered and celebrated.

His Initial Success in Films

Chris Kattan’s initial success in films came with his iconic role in “A Night at the Roxbury.” Starring alongside Will Ferrell, Kattan brought his beloved character, Doug Butabi, from the SNL sketches to the big screen.

Released in 1998, “A Night at the Roxbury” may not have been a commercial hit, initially, but it quickly became a cult comedy. Kattan’s portrayal of the eccentric and enthusiastic Doug Butabi, alongside Will Ferrell’s Steve Butabi, resonated with audiences and left them in stitches. The film follows the hilarious misadventures of the Butabi brothers as they navigate their way through the club scene in an attempt to achieve their dream of opening an exclusive nightclub.

Kattan’s chemistry with Ferrell and his impeccable comedic timing showcased his talent beyond the SNL stage. His ability to embody Doug Butabi’s eccentricities and physical comedy made him an unforgettable presence on screen. “A Night at the Roxbury” became a cult classic, with audiences continuing to quote its memorable lines and cherish Kattan’s breakout performance.

This film not only solidified Chris Kattan’s position as a comedic actor in Hollywood but also introduced him to a wider audience outside of SNL. His portrayal of Doug Butabi remains one of his most iconic roles, showcasing his knack for physical comedy and unique characterizations. Chris Kattan’s initial success in films was undoubtedly propelled by his standout performance in “A Night at the Roxbury.”

Establishing himself as a comic actor on SNL

During his seven-year stint on SNL, Chris Kattan established himself as a comic actor, captivating audiences with his iconic characters and memorable sketches. Known for his physical comedy and manic energy, Kattan brought a unique and hilarious presence to the show.

One of his most famous characters was Mango, a flamboyant exotic dancer who would unexpectedly burst onto the scene, driving the crowd wild with his seductive dance moves. Kattan’s commitment to the character’s exaggerated mannerisms and over-the-top personality made Mango an instant fan favorite.

Kattan also portrayed the enthusiastic and clueless Mr. Peepers, a bizarre character who was part human, part monkey. With his wild antics and screeching noises, Mr. Peepers never failed to generate laughter and astonishment.

In addition, Kattan was well-known for his portrayal of Azrael Abyss, a member of the gothic Sprockets dance troupe. His deadpan delivery and eccentric movements created a comedic juxtaposition that left audiences in stitches.

With his ability to transform into a wide range of characters and his impeccable comedic timing, Chris Kattan solidified his status as a comic actor on SNL. His memorable sketches and iconic characters continue to be celebrated and cherished by fans to this day.

Famous Characters from SNL Sketches

Chris Kattan’s time on Saturday Night Live (SNL) introduced audiences to a number of iconic and hilarious characters that have remained beloved and memorable to this day. From the seductive Mango to the wild antics of Mr. Peepers, Kattan’s comedic talent and commitment to his roles brought these characters to life and left a lasting impression on SNL viewers. Alongside his fellow cast members, Kattan’s ability to create and portray unique and eccentric characters showcased his skill in physical comedy and improvisation, making him a standout comic actor during his time on the show.

Mango, Kip King, and other signature characters

Chris Kattan, a comic actor known for his manic energy and physical comedy, brought a collection of memorable characters to life during his time on Saturday Night Live (SNL). Two of his signature characters were Mango and Kip King.

Mango, portrayed by Kattan, was an eccentric male exotic dancer with a flamboyant personality and a knack for misunderstanding social cues. With his wild hair, eccentric clothing, and over-the-top dance moves, Mango became an instant fan favorite. Kattan’s portrayal of Mango showcased his ability to fully commit to outrageous characters and deliver comedic gold.

Kip King, another memorable character played by Kattan, was a bizarre yet endearing office worker with a peculiar voice and strange mannerisms. Kip King’s quirky personality and unique style of humor resonated with audiences. Kattan’s portrayal of this cult character showcased his versatility and comedic range.

These signature characters, along with others like Mr. Peepers and the Roxbury Guys, brought Kattan recognition and popularity during his time on SNL. His ability to fully immerse himself in these characters and create memorable sketches helped solidify his place in the SNL pantheon.

Chris Kattan’s comedic talents, as showcased through his signature characters like Mango and Kip King, continue to be remembered fondly by fans of SNL and will forever remain a significant part of his comedic career.

Classic sketches featuring Chris Kattan as a guest host or alongside Seth Meyers or Tracy Morgan

Chris Kattan’s time on SNL was marked by a multitude of classic sketches that showcased his comedic talent. Whether playing alongside guest hosts like Seth Meyers or Tracy Morgan, Kattan always brought his unique touch to each performance.

One standout sketch featuring Chris Kattan was “A Delicious Dish,” where he played Mr. Peepers, a wild and unpredictable office worker. With his jaw-dropping physical comedy and hilarious facial expressions, Kattan’s portrayal of Mr. Peepers became an instant fan favorite.

Another memorable sketch was “I Wish It Was Christmas Today,” where Kattan, along with Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Fallon, and Horatio Sanz, performed an infectious holiday song. This sketch captured Kattan’s ability to blend goofy humor and contagious energy, making it a perennial favorite among SNL fans.

Kattan’s collaboration with Seth Meyers on the sketch titled “Mango and Mango Redux” solidified the character’s status as one of Kattan’s most enduring creations. Meyers played Mango’s anxious and uncomfortable sidekick, resulting in a hilarious dynamic between the two.

These classic sketches featuring Chris Kattan as a guest host or alongside Seth Meyers or Tracy Morgan not only showcased his comedic genius but also contributed significantly to his comedic career on SNL. Through his memorable characters and undeniable talent, Kattan left an indelible mark on the show’s history.

Manic energy and physical comedy defined his style

Chris Kattan’s comedic style was defined by his manic energy and impressive physical comedy. His performances on SNL were always full of vibrant, high-energy moments that left audiences in stitches. Kattan had a unique ability to infuse his characters with an infectious energy that captivated viewers.

Using his body language, facial expressions, and exaggerated movements, Kattan brought his characters to life in a way that was both hilarious and memorable. Whether he was portraying the wild and unpredictable Mr. Peepers or the flamboyant Mango, Kattan’s physicality added an extra layer of comedic brilliance to his performances.

Kattan’s manic energy was evident in every sketch he was a part of. His dynamic and exuberant presence on stage made for unforgettable moments that had audiences laughing out loud. His willingness to fully commit to the physicality of his characters showcased his dedication to his craft and his natural talent for physical comedy.

Overall, Chris Kattan’s manic energy and physical comedy were defining elements of his comedic style. His energetic performances, coupled with his impeccable timing and exaggerated movements, made him a standout comic actor on SNL and solidified his place among the most memorable cast members in the show’s history.

Collaborations With Other SNL Stars and Guests

During his time on “Saturday Night Live,” Chris Kattan had the opportunity to collaborate with a wide range of talented comedians and guest hosts. One notable collaboration was with Jeremy Piven 2023, who was also a part of the SNL ensemble cast during the 1995-1996 season. Together, they brought their comedic chemistry to various sketches and created hilarious moments that are still remembered today. Kattan’s ability to play off his fellow cast members and guest hosts showcased his versatility as a comic actor and added an extra layer of comedic brilliance to the show.

Whether he was sharing the stage with Tracy Morgan, Eddie Murphy, or Charlize Theron, Kattan’s unique comedic style stood out and made him a memorable presence in every sketch he was a part of. His collaborations with other SNL stars and guest hosts helped to create some of the most iconic and beloved moments in the show’s history.

Working with Eddie Murphy on classic sketches

Chris Kattan’s collaborations with Eddie Murphy on classic sketches were nothing short of comedic gold. Their comedic chemistry was undeniable, leaving audiences in stitches with their memorable moments together. Whether it was Eddie Murphy’s iconic characters or Chris Kattan’s hilarious antics, their partnership on Saturday Night Live brought endless laughter.

One of their most notable collaborations was their portrayal of the Butabi brothers on the sketch “The Roxbury Guys.” The duo’s over-the-top dance moves and clubbing adventures became an instant hit, with their catchphrase “What is love?” becoming synonymous with the sketch.

Another memorable moment was their portrayal of Gumby and Marty Culp on the sketch “The Chris Kattan Show.” Eddie Murphy’s brilliant rendition of Gumby, the claymation character, paired perfectly with Chris Kattan’s manic energy as Marty Culp, a flamboyant music teacher. Their performances brought a new level of absurdity and hilarity to the sketch.

Chris Kattan and Eddie Murphy’s collaborations on classic sketches truly showcased their comedic talents and ability to make audiences laugh. Their partnership has become a staple in the history of Saturday Night Live, creating timeless moments that still bring joy to fans today.

Ariana Grande’s cameo appearance in one of his skits

During an episode of Saturday Night Live, Chris Kattan had the pleasure of sharing the stage with pop superstar Ariana Grande. Grande made a cameo appearance in one of Kattan’s sketches, leaving fans pleasantly surprised.

The sketch in question was a recurring favorite called “The Roxbury Guys,” where Kattan and Will Ferrell played the infamous head-bobbing, nightclub-seeking Butabi brothers. As Kattan and Ferrell bopped to the beats with their signature arm movements and exaggerated dance moves, Grande made a surprise entrance, joining them on the dance floor.

Grande’s energetic participation in the skit added a refreshing twist to the dynamic duo’s antics. Her seamless integration into the comedic groove of the sketch showcased not only her acting skills but also her ability to embrace the absurdity of the characters. The interaction between Kattan, Ferrell, and Grande brought an even higher level of hilarity and excitement to an already beloved SNL skit.

In summary, Grande’s cameo appearance in “The Roxbury Guys” sketch on SNL was a delightful surprise for viewers. Her seamless involvement in the sketch elevated the comedic energy and showcased her versatility as an entertainer.

Charlize Theron’s hilarious singing duet with Chris Kattan as Garth Brooks

One of the most hilarious moments on SNL was when Charlize Theron and Chris Kattan teamed up for a side-splitting singing duet as Garth Brooks. In this unforgettable skit, Kattan took on the role of the country music superstar, while Theron played his enthusiastic backup singer.

The skit began with Kattan’s spot-on impression of Brooks, complete with his signature cowboy hat and twangy accent. Theron, dressed in a matching country outfit, provided the perfect comedic foil as she overly exaggerated her dance moves and harmonies.

As the duo belted out Brooks’ hit song, the audience couldn’t contain their laughter. Kattan’s commitment to the character was spot-on, delivering the country persona with flawless comedic timing. Theron, known for her dramatic roles, proved her versatility by embracing the absurdity of the sketch and showcasing her comedic chops.

The hilarious chemistry between Theron and Kattan was evident throughout the skit, as they playfully interacted and showcased their comedic talents. Their entertaining performance left the audience in stitches, and their comedic timing was impeccable.

Theron’s unexpected appearance on SNL and her ability to dive headfirst into the comedic world of Garth Brooks made this skit an unforgettable moment in the show’s history. The hilarious singing duet between Theron and Kattan as Garth Brooks will forever be remembered as a standout SNL performance.

Remembering Some of the Most Memorable Sketches Involving Chris Kattan

During his time on SNL, Chris Kattan brought a unique and memorable set of characters to the sketch comedy show. One of his most iconic characters was Mango, a flamboyant male stripper who would unexpectedly appear in various sketches, causing chaos and confusion. Kattan’s energetic and over-the-top performance as Mango made him an instant fan favorite.

Another memorable character portrayed by Kattan was Mr. Peepers, a bizarre and animalistic man with a penchant for eating apples whole. Mr. Peepers would often disrupt sketches with his wild antics and primal behavior, garnering laughs with his physical comedy and erratic movements.

Kattan also brought life to characters like Craig Buchanan, a motivational speaker with his catchphrase “I can do that!,” and Azrael Abyss, a Gothic nightclub enthusiast who would make dramatic and exaggerated statements about his dark and mysterious lifestyle.

These memorable sketches featuring Kattan’s characters were a testament to his comedic talent and versatility. His ability to fully commit to each character and deliver their quirks and mannerisms with precision made these sketches some of the most memorable in SNL history.


In conclusion, Chris Kattan’s comedic legacy on SNL is undeniable. Through his memorable characters and unforgettable performances, he solidified his place as a comic actor with a unique style and flair. From the hilarious antics of Mr. Peepers to the dramatic statements of Azrael Abyss, Kattan’s range and versatility showcased his comedic talent and made him a beloved member of the SNL cast. His ability to bring both physical comedy and nuanced characterizations to the screen allowed him to establish himself as a comedic force to be reckoned with. Chris Kattan will forever be remembered for his iconic characters and his contribution to the comedic brilliance of SNL.